Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My initial days in PCMC!

October 17th was the day in the year 2007 when I first stepped my foot on the soil of Kuala Lumpur. Was then like a scared cat, didnt know what life had to offer me! Blindly followed where destiny took me.... to Plaza 393 of Jalan Peel. This is where I stay, in an apartment given to me by PCMC. Initially I was a bit too apprehensive staying among unknowns. Then as days passed by from among the unknowns few became best of pals!! Started liking to work with new people in PCMC. Learnt a lot in this institution. Some of which I never heard of in my college life! Kudos to all who taught me and guided me! Gradually I started spending more time in the hospital than at home. PCMC became my second home!! It never left me home sick in a few months time.



  1. Since I know you I've learned about you is that you have always been very strong will power person. Every-time I come know about you more my belief get strong.

    1. Thanks Divyesh!! For believing in me! I just want to explore more of myself!